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Team of the Year (Large) winners S&W Wholesale. Pictured are Tiarnán O’Neill from award sponsor Galgorm; Michael Skelton and Morris Little, S&W Wholesale

S&W Wholesale’s core values provide some light at the darkest times

October 7, 2022 will be a date that many within the retail industry in Ireland will struggle to forget.

The Nearby Creeslough store was facing the normal rush from bustling shoppers when an explosion tore through the shop injuring many and fatally wounding 10 people.

This dark event touched so many all over the world, and it was fitting to see businesses and people come together to show their support and help for the Nearby store and the community.

Having been in partnership with the Lafferty family for over 12 years, S&W Wholesale could see the impact this tragedy was having on the local rural area.

As a retail partner of the store they promised they would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them and the entire Creeslough community. The rural village not only lost people that day; they lost their shop, their services and an important community hub. As well as being able to keep their cupboards stocked.

S&W Wholesale wanted to offer support as much as they could and get those much-needed services back into the local community with sensitivity and agility.

Working alongside the retailer, the community and the Diocese, the S&W team across both the North and Republic of Ireland came together, stopped all day-to-day work and got a store opened on November 11 close to St Michael’s Church.

This significant joint investment supported the retailer, the community, local jobs and services for the people of Creeslough. One of the most challenging aspects was the sensitivity of the event.

S&W wanted to ensure at all times they had the support and backing of the entire community before proceeding with any part of the innovative solution.

They found out that the willingness of this close-knit community was very strong and they were onboard from the very beginning with many offering up their time and services to help get it off the ground.

S&W’s CEO Michael Skelton said: “The strength and teamwork of this close- knit community is touching to be a part of “Creeslough and beyond supported the Lafferty family and us in getting their store opened to allow for those much needed services back into the community.

“This really is a community store built by the local community and we are proud to see our support come to fruition.

“Our winner has been known throughout its 107 year history as being adaptable and agile when needed, and that drive and compassion to help people in a local community has shone through so spectacularly.”

“From all of us at S&W, we can’t thank you enough for the support and guidance and we hope that this store is a symbol of our long-standing commitment to Creeslough and the surrounding areas.”

The company’s mission statement, which includes having “a customer-focused approach allowing S&W to react quickly, communicate effectively and deliver our products reliably time after time”, shone through when the community in Creeslough needed it most. The award for Team of the Year (Large) couldn’t have been more deserving.