Grainne Ni Cheallaigh, Chris Wallace and Kirsty McAleese from Rapid7 is presented with the ‘Best Company Connection – Large’ Award by Liz Toner, vice president of Global Talent at event partner First Derivative

Rapid7 provides staff with an exceptional working environment

WORLD-leading cyber security company Rapid7, which has had a presence in Belfast since 2014, topped the Best Company Connection (Large) category at the Irish News Workplace & Employment Awards
Rapid7 believes in simplifying the complex through shared visibility, analytics, and automation that unite teams around challenges and successes of cyber security.

The company is well known for its outstanding culture and dedication to providing its 2,600 employees with the career experience of a lifetime, and its commitment to providing staff with exceptional working environments is a result of these factors.

Creating engaging workspaces and nurturing a culture of collaboration, engagement, inclusion and participation is very much part of Rapid7’s DNA.

So when significance of the Covid19 pandemic began to become clear in March 2020, the whole company was faced with rethinking its approach to how it engaged with staff around topics such as wellness, employee support, engagement, leadership, communication, and what it means to be a part of a highly collaborative organisation at a time when the human interactions that most people take for granted are no longer possible.

But the company’s holistic response, led by its executive team, which delivered a master class in leadership in uncertain and challenging times, resulted in Rapid7 not only surviving throughout the pandemic, but in genuinely thriving, with a high focus on managing staff mental health and engagement, zero redundancies and furloughing.

Its office in Belfast grew from 187 staff in March 2020 to over 360 in March this year, with further growth in our other locations around the world, including its Dublin office, which has grown from 68 staff in March 2020 to 81 staff in March 2022.

It underlines an outstanding culture and dedication to providing employees with the career experience of a lifetime, and its commitment to providing staff with exceptional working environments is a result of these factors

The early stages of Rapid7’s response to Covid 19 were marked by local offices (including teams in Asian locations, who were impacted earlier than in the UK and US etc) receiving a high level of close contact support from executive leadership and people strategy teams, providing impacted staff with the support needed to keep themselves and their families safe.

Throughout those initial weeks and months, the senior leadership team provided daily updates to staff, keeping people up to date with guidance and advice received from medical experts, and our approach to navigating the evolving crisis.

Rapid7 made the difficult decision to move to fully remote working, and the successful transition had a number of keystones.

Company Town Halls, normally a monthly occurrence where the CEO and members of the executive team communicate updates to all employees, moved to weekly, which increased level of communication.
Activities around support and wellbeing took a number of forms during the pandemic, including inviting noted mental health experts to present to employees.

Its people strategy team began a programme of connecting 1:1 with hundreds of staff around the world, working to ensure individuals had the support, connections and resources they needed to stay healthy, engaged and effective.

Rapid7’s sense of community, helpfulness, empathy and camaraderie also came to the fore, with the Little Moose Academy being established directly by employees to group-source content for working parents to use for their children.