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Best Sustainable Business (Large) winners Ulster Carpets. Pictured are Beverley Copeland, Ulster Carpets; Martina Corrigan from award sponsor Errigal Group and Robbie Grant, Ulster Carpets.

Market-leading innovation is key to continued success at Ulster Carpets

This year marks the 85th anniversary of Ulster Carpets but the launch of their new sustainability strategy proves that the company’s focus is very much on the future.

The third-generation, family-owned and run company was established over eight decades ago in Portadown and has grown to become one of Northern Ireland’s most successful exporters.

When Ulster Carpets was formed in 1938, the initial reason was to create much-needed jobs during the Depression.

This community-focused ethos is evident in Ulster’s new sustainability strategy that outlines the positive changes that have already been taken and the firm’s future plans, including the setting of five key sustainability targets to be met by 2025.

This is refiected in their thoroughly deserved win in the Best Sustainable Business (Large) category.

Working across the residential and hospitality sectors, Ulster Carpets manufactures luxury carpets for homes, hotels, casinos and cruise ships across the world.

“You could say our winner walked all over the opposition here! It has launched its own Sustainability Strategy as the next step in a long history of market-leading innovations, and it has also developed and patented its own unique weaving technology.”

Across all these markets, sustainability is of continuing importance.

This begins with the use of wool, a naturally rapidly renewable raw material, and continues through the manufacturing process.

Every Ulster carpet contains at least 80 per cent wool while a number of 100 per cent wool carpets are also available.

“From a manufacturing perspective, Ulster Carpets controls every aspect of the process,” their submission read.

“From the spinning and dyeing of the wool through to the design and weaving of every carpet, the company is able to build in new efficiencies to protect the planet.

“A perfect example of this is the PSYLO™ weaving technology developed and patented by the company.

“Enabling carpet to be manufactured without pattern restrictions and with a greater range

of colours, PSYLO™ is a more efficient weaving technology. Launched this year, the new generation of PSYLO™ looms are three times faster than their predecessors.”

The launch of the new sustainability strategy is just the next step in a long history of market-leading innovations by Ulster Carpets.