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Team of the Year – Medium – winners Datactics Pictured are Tiarnán O’Neill from Galgorm (award sponsor) and Sean McConnell and John Carroll from Datactics

It’sadouble for Datactics which has ‘a passion for the people in data’

Datactics, employing 75 highly talented and skilled individuals, is driven by three key goals: leading its market, championing its culture and being an indispensable partner to its clients.

Headquartered at Donegall Quay, Belfast, they’ve spent the best part of 20 years developing business-user focused data quality and matching technology, making access to clean and usable data within reach of the people who use it.

And are fully committed to developing its people, communities and the thriving Northern Ireland technology ecosystem.


As Gold accredited Investors in People and Bronze Diversity Mark recipients, Datactics is fully committed to being an inclusive and equal employer that responds to the needs of its growing team.

Within three years, Datactics propelled from IIP Bronze to Gold, demonstrating commitment to continuous improvement and employee recognition. The survey results of IIP were deemed ‘impressively high’, with the company achieving 18th highest score in their industry sector and a benchmark score of 801, which is well above both the IIP average, and above the industry average.

The company has a fantastic PeopleOps team who are committed and passionate about improving diversity and inclusion at Datactics.

Their efforts are on-going and are supported by various committees and personnel across the company in order to drive positive change. In March of this year, just in time for International Women’s Day, Datactics were awarded the Bronze Diversity Mark award. This was on the back of a robust independent assessment process which analysed Datactics’ efforts in workplace DEI.

Having long championed the role of women in the workplace, especially in technology companies, securing this award demonstrates their longstanding commitment to a diverse workforce. It marks the start of a continual process of action and review and provides Datactics withasolid framework to demonstrate progress against DEI ambitions.

Datactics previously won “Best Company for Diversity and Inclusion” at the Women in Technology and Data Awards from Waters Technology in 2020.

As part of this culture, diversity is extremely important. Historically, males have dominated the IT industry, but for a company to maximise its innovation it requires representation from all genders.

At Datactics, they have worked hard to champion and empower women. In the past, Datactics’ recruitment efforts and links in the community to better represent women have been intentional, such as appealing to mothers returning to the workplace. Now, their Diversity Mark accreditation means that DEI efforts are strategically documented and they have a framework to demonstrate what it is to be a diverse employer. Additionally, this helped the team draw up a roadmap that not only holds them accountable for diversity, but ultimately helps them to be reflective of society as a whole.

Best Diversity, Equality and Inclusion – SME – winners Datactics. Pictured are Jill Michael from FSCom (award sponsor) and Sean McConnell and John Carroll from Datactics

Datactics pride themselves in providing equal opportunities for the whole team. Below are some of the statistics around gender diversity within the organisation:

• Gender split is 42 per cent female to 58 per cent male, which is well above industry norms.

• Datactics have eight female and ten male managers.

• They have six female and four male apprentices and graduates.

• Of the remaining team members, there are 15 females and 20 males.

‘Customer success’ is an integral part of this organisation, where the team is clearly passionate about supporting customers through their data quality journeys.”

Datactics fosters a very inclusive and diverse company culture. This is borne out of the make-up of the team and also how they conduct themselves in day-to-day business. There are 13 international members of staff at Datactics, with some members working

remotely in Italy and Lithuania. Datactics ensures that every voice is heard.


‘Customer Success’ is an integral part of the Datactics organisation. Led by John Carroll, the 18-person team is passionate about supporting customers through their data quality journeys.

The team is driven by a clear purpose, which is to be an essential partner to its customers. Customer Success provides differentiated services to support clients in achieving the highest levels of data quality.

Whilst Customer Success have a number of key roles, their main function can broadly be summarised as support. The team works with business stakeholders to resolve any issues raised by clients, who raise ‘tickets’ (requests for help) via the support channel. Those tickets enter a queue of work where the progress of investigations can be tracked. The team pick up the tickets and work to address the issues, liaising with other technical teams where necessary.

Customer Success (CS) plays a critical role in delivering against organisational goals and have created efcient and effective ways of operating.

CS is built upon six clearly dened verticals, in order to achieve their mission of being an indispensable partner to clients. These verticals are delivery, architecture, support, community, acceptance testing and management. Across each, there are dedicated personnel who take ownership of these areas and do an outstanding job at ensuring our clients are supported every step of their data quality journey.

One of the team’s largest and most commendable projects has been their work with the UK Home Office. CS has a subset of members who focus specifically on Govtech client work, which involves crime classification for police forces across England and Wales.

Beyond their prowess for processes, Customer Success set a brilliant example to other teams, and other tech organisations, for their commitment to professional development

“Culture is integral to everything that happens here, which can be seen through its Investors in People Gold accreditation award. As part of this culture, diversity is extremely important in a sector historically dominated by males, but our winner has made giant strides to address this imbalance.”