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Team of the Year (Small) winners Goudsmit UK. Pictured are Carole Glass and Julie Agnew, Goudsmit and Tiarnán O’Neill from award sponsor Galgorm

Goudsmit UK boast resilience, courage and creativity in abundance

Goudsmit UK is a leading provider of bespoke magnets and engineering components.

They pride themselves on delivering innovative and high-quality solutions to meet the unique needs of their clients.

With over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-performance magnets, magnetic assemblies, and precision components, Goudsmit UK supply critical components to some of the leading names in the most demanding industries.

Through integrated design and manufacturing solutions, Goudsmit UK also provides a full portfolio of products, equipment, technologies, and also services to solve challenges across various industries.

Goudsmit’s high-profile customer base is testament to product and service quality. The firm has developed a productive team spirit that is grounded in collaboration, communication, and mutual support.

Their team members come from diverse backgrounds and have unique skill sets, but the firm has worked together to build a cohesive unit that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Through regular team meetings and outings, they have developed strong relationships and a shared commitment to its goals.

Over the past year, the team at Goudsmit has faced a number of challenges in delivering on these goals.

During the global shipping crisis, the team were tasked with improving delivery times while also reducing costs for a number of customers.

This required a high level of creativity and teamwork.

Team members collaborated closely to identify opportunities for improvement and implement solutions that would drive results – and it’s this drive and determination that saw Goudsmit win the Team of the Year (Small) at the 2023 WEA awards.

“Goudsmit UK’s team arearemarkable group of individuals who have consistently gone above and beyond to meet and overcome challenges, particularly in dealing with more exceptional circumstances or projects,” the company’s submission read.

“A productive team spirit that is grounded in collaboration, communication, and mutual support is the magnet that draws everything together at this innovative engineering company.”

“This team’s strength lies in their resilience, fiexibility, and ability to work collaboratively under pressure to deliver exceptional results.”

Overall, Goudsmit UK’s team areashining example of what can be achieved when a group of talented individuals come together to tackle challenging projects and circumstances.

Their commitment to excellence, resilience, and collaboration is a testament to the values and culture of Goudsmit UK, and they are truly deserving of this recognition.