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Employer for the Future – Small – winners, Continu. Pictured are Connor Diamond (from award sponsor, Nijobnder) with Allison McFadden and Tom Hall of Continu

Continued success for this innovative sustainable energy solutions provider

Continu is a market leader in providing sustainable energy solutions. Here innovative technologies and a team of experts ensures it delivers reliable power, energy storage, and uninterrupted operations for over 270 clients.

This ever-expanding company is of course a leading innovator in battery energy storage systems, uninterruptible power supplies and remote monitoring systems.

The company is dedicated to providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions that deliver energy exactly when it’s needed, ensuring maximum efficiency and uninterrupted operations for its clients.

Continu’s impressive growth and innovation are meanwhile fuelled by its commitment to investing 30 per cent of its revenues annually into research and development (R&D), resulting in innovative products and services, such as the first-of-its-kind remote monitoring software in Northern Ireland.

Continu’s investment in employee development and marketing efforts further strengthens its commitment to progress and innovation. The company has invested over £50,000 in cutting-edge technology and systems to streamline processes and improve efficiency, increasing profitability in the process. Additionally, Continu has redesigned its supply chain, adopted new technologies including AI, and embedded sustainability into its DNA, creating a culture of innovation that enables it to devote more time to developing cutting-edge solutions for its clients.

At the core of the leadership team and Continu’s 10-year vision is innovation, with an ambitious revenue target of £48m by 2032 and over 100,000 SaaS connected devices across Ireland, mainland UK and Europe. Continu’s dedication to pushing boundaries has been a driving force in its success, evidenced by the ‘first of its kind’ microgrid project for Swansea University and Ireland’s first remote monitoring system. With a commitment to innovation, Continu is poised for future growth and success in the energy sector. Its innovative leadership team places emphasis on performance reviews, with innovation being a core part of quarterly OKR meetings and Viva Goals. This approach demonstrates Continu’s belief that innovation is a team effort, and that the best ideas often emerge from diverse perspectives and cross-functional collaboration.

“From its ongoing investment in R&D to its installation of a “first-of-its-kind” microgrid project, and to the implementation of an innovation-led 10-year vision, our winner is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver exceptional value to its customers and team members.”

Continu’s leadership supports a culture of recognition and reward through initiatives like the “Innovation Challenge” program, encouraging employees to contribute their ideas for new products or services. By allocating £40,000 for development programs in 2023, Continu invests in employee growth, offering training and development opportunities, and encourages attendance at industry events to stay current with trends and technologies.