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Best Wellbeing in the Workplace Strategy 

This award recognises businesses with healthy and happy staff. They enjoy higher levels of staff morale, productivity and ultimately profitability. The winner will have an excellent approach to work-life balance, health and wellbeing practices. It will also have the support and policies in place to benefit their employees and get results.
The winning organisation will demonstrate how they have linked a healthy workforce, the impact of workplace support and policies, and employee welfare to improved performance within their business.

To demonstrate how you are making health and wellbeing an organisational priority we will be looking for:

Do you have an organisational health and wellbeing strategy?

How do you integrate a health and wellbeing strategy into the organisation’s policies and communications?

Do you empower a team of workplace wellbeing champions to design and implement health-promoting initiatives?

Is health and wellbeing embedded within the organisation’s skills and knowledge requirements of line managers?

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