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Now in their 14th year, The Irish News Workplace and Employment Awards recognise the importance of people to an organisation and celebrate the very best organisations.


In an era of near-full employment in Northern Ireland, and with staff more mobile than ever before, our people – especially those with in-demand skills in areas like technology, sales and healthcare – are a lucrative commodity.

And creating a strong employer brand is widely regarded as the most important initiative for any growing workplace today.

So what are you doing to retain the top talent you have, or are driving an outstanding talent acquisition strategy?

Once again the Irish News Workplace & Employment Awards, now in their 14th year, will shine a light on the gold medal standards which businesses and organisations here continue to show.

And brand new this year, sitting alongside our long-established and popular categories, will be a special “Strive to Zero” sustainability award, encouraging companies to set expectations and work towards reducing their carbon footprint.

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